Sunday, December 18, 2011

fight against the storm.

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sometimes you just feel pathetic.

it's like so bad you want to be with someone that you'd do honestly anything.. but you are so scared to do the wrong thing that you end up screwing things up in the process. You are so scared that you are going to make the wrong move, or say the wrong thing.. that while being so hesitant to the person you end up messing everything up. You want them to be happy, but realizing they could be perfectly happy without you sends you through a world of shock. You want to be so close to them, but end up distancing yourself so they don't want to be distanced from you first. people tell you that you are too young to know what love is, but you know that you've never loved something so much in all your life. You feel pathetic, and like the biggest joke possible.. while the only thing you know is that you might be madly in love with someone who might not feel the same way.

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