Friday, December 23, 2011

you can't define it.

It's easy to put a definition on what will make you happy.
Setting guidelines that you want your life to live by, to make you happy.
Well what happens when life changes and doesn't go your way?
you aren't going to be happy anymore?
well welcome to life. 
it has a funny way of doing just that.
so what do you do?
realize that there isn't one certain way of living that will make you happy.
You have to adapt to what ever gets thrown your way.
i learned this week that it is easy to shut off.
it's easy to make yourself immune to feeling.
to choose to be short answered to everyone, and not care what anyone has to say or think.
yeah maybe you'll get by living that way for awhile.
but once you realize that it is okay to be okay with things.. 
to be open to new ways of life,
you can be just as happy as before..
yeah maybe you'd wish your life was one certain way,
and hopefully it will come to that.
but for now, be happy.
love with all you have,
the way you have it.
because how bad is it going to suck to look back and think you could have been just as happy with the way things were but you were too stubborn to have it any other way.;
yeah maybe it's hard, but it's so worth it.
i'm happy.
i'm ready for new changes, a new way of life, 
no matter how it comes to me.


  1. 1 Nephi 17:21. "We might have been happy."

    The past might have made you happy, but that's no reason to be unhappy with the present.

    Good post.