Sunday, January 1, 2012

all or nothing.

a year at a glance.
i'll be straight up... i keep a journal so i don't have to remember these things.
but it'll be fun to see what i remember off the top of my head.
January.-started the year off with the best friends. danced a lot like normal.
February.- competition season started and sodc definitely represented well. 
March.- got together.
April.- cabin visit. prom with a best friend. 
May.- birthday.. the best friends threw me a great party. and graduation came. 
i knew things would change but it's crazy just how much.
June.- prepared for nationals like crazy, and the boy left for kansas.
July.- Nationals in California. last nationals, which wasn't planned, but a great week.. well a great dance week. lost some close friends. Job at Magster.
August.- Work. work. work. and the shocking decision to quit the studio. started the much anticipated senior year.
September.- homecoming with ryan. and still working.
October.- Sadies with sam, and a group of the best friends.
November.- stillll working. i don't remember much else.  performed at one football game.. haha. due to being sick for the other.
December.- basketball performances, dance concert. work. christmas break. and a very relaxed new years eve. 

so basically that summary would show that my year was boring.
but it wasn't.
i learned that it is hard to make your own decisions.. but doing what is best for you.
is what is best for you. haha imagine that.
i learned that it is easy to shut off when crap comes your way. but there is people who care.
i learned that people come along in your life to help you, and you can lean on them when necessary. 
i learned that you can get hurt.. but it will all turn out in the end.
i learned that i'm ready for what ever comes my way, and i'm extremely excited for this upcoming year.
setting goals and creating new ambitions is one of my favorite things. 
bring it on two.thousand.twelve.
no backing down.

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