Thursday, September 8, 2011

if you think i'm scared. think again.

1. liars.
2. liars.
2.1/2. people that act like i'm the one lying.. to cover their lies.
3. people that deny their lies.
4. music stealers...
4.2. hypocrites.
5. doctors that don't know what they are talking about.
6. head aches
7. when people say "i'll own up to my crap.." but then they don't.
8. that i was about to forgive you.
9. that if i don't kiss peoples butts and be a people pleaser i turn into the "snobby" girl.
10. when you trust people.. tell them everything.. and then realize it wasn't worth it.
11. the fact that people don't just ruin my life.. but everyone elses. i can handle it.. but leave everyone else the heck alone.
12. that the bank isn't open.
13. that i lost all of my music.. and my ipod has not one song on it.
14. that people make light of things.. that aren't funny.?
15. that you are still lying. and talking crap...

it's sad that you trust people.
it's sadder that the one person that knew you didn't trust people.. and promised to be different..
was the same as them all.
haters gonna hate.

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