Sunday, September 4, 2011

normal de se sentir

i think people get scared of feeling.
of being sad, or feeling gloomy.(take note. i hate that word... why i'm using it. no idea)
emotions are normal, and realizing this will make life a lot easier.
hiding yourself when not feeling okay, or as bubbly as normal, seems to be the usual for teenagers.
after going to dinner with a long lost friend..
it reminded me of the connection we hold.
we know that life isn't always facebook picture moments, or status updates..
that we all go through stages where getting out of bed is the hardest thing you could imagine doing,
and resenting school becomes the routine, just because you have to act so fake and happy or else your the girl who hates the world, and doesn't want to talk to anyone.
it's okay to be sad.
it's okay to feel like you can't go on.
you aren't emo.
haha as much as people think that.
no being sad doesn't immediately connect to cutting your wrists,
and being happy doesn't always connect to student council.
being you is what matters.
you need to surround yourself with  people that allow you to feel.
to feel alright.
most the times when i'm not feeling as pumped up as normal, is when i write or draw, and find out new things about myself.
so don't sit and think that the girl that doesn't talk is emo... or "depressed"
or the boy that is the happiest, most up-beat kid, is the most content in life.
hiding what you are feeling will get you nowhere..
and most the time make you feel like you are weird to feel that way.
so feel.
don't be afraid to have a different emotion than happy.
experience emotions, and make the best out of you.

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