Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Dear friend,
I've missed you, to say the least.
Every time i see you, it brings tears to my eyes. There is still that enduring connection between us, that we somehow understand. Regardless of the past, and the misunderstood feelings.. there is nothing awkward or uneasy between us. There is nothing to explain, because you just seem to know. There isn't thoughts, or stories i feel like i need to catch you up on. They seem to be irrelevant to the level we get each other on. I know what i'm saying sounds weirdish. haha but i feel like you will understand. I couldn't be more grateful to have you back in my life, and it was good to hear we were both nervous. haha. I just want you to know, i will be eternally touched and grateful for our friendship. That i have someone that can see through my words into what i truly mean. That we have similar quirks, and find beauty in life. I love you, and can promise i will be here for you till the day i die. (after that too.. duh.) i love you so much. and know our friendship will grow more and more from here. thank you for getting me. i love you(:

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