Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 Moon Ceremonies have become a regular in my life, and i am so grateful i have the opportunities to do so. To celebrate life, to let go of the pain and things i don't need. To open up my life to new experiences, love, and happiness. Monday night i decided to be happy. To open my life up to as much happiness was possible. The past three days have been seriously the best ever.. making the conscious choice will truly change things. Watching the worries, pain, and memories of my past burn in the fire was relieving. I learned that I can decide how many times i smile a day. I can decide how much effort i put into my work. What level of honesty i can live. How well i prepare myself for school. How i can act on my feelings. How often i can say "thank-you". Whether or not you give someone the benefit of the doubt. How often you notice and appreciate small acts of kindness. How much i listen and learn instead of jumping to conclusions. How much time i spend worrying. How many new things i try each day. What amount of exercise i get. How often I think about my past. How grateful i am for life. Whether or not i communicate something that’s on my mind. How many times i admit i don’t know something—and then learn something new. When i ask for help. Which commitments i keep and cancel. How many risks i take. How creative/innovative i am. How quickly i try again after falling. How many times i say "i love you". This is my life. And i'm ready to learn. I'm thankful to be alive.

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