Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cool story hansel.

friday morning: Woke up dizzy and weak, but time for tdt. yay.. get going.. head to school. start dancing. room starts spinning. I asked my coach if i could sit down.. which was fine seeing as we were cleaning the number i choreographed with presidency.. anyways. sit down. feel like i'm going to throw up. go throw up. walk out to the field with them to space. sit on the bench. everything goes blurry. ask my coach if i could go home.. she says yes. walk towards the school. feel sick again. reach the nearest garbage can.. throw up.. for a good fifteen minutes. look up. hello boys p.e. class. awesome. go in, grab my bag. check out. go home. sit on the bathroom floor. throw up. stand up. black out. pass out. smack my head on the door frame. out cold. cry. throw up. all day. ate four crackers. eventually threw them up. anxiety attack. if you were going to ask.. i will tell you. I AM SICK OF BEING SICK. amen.

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