Monday, October 10, 2011

in the process.

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Hello new life. 
Here is to today.
It has gotten to that point of me wanting a new change, and frankly my nutrition/working out time has been soo crazy ever since quitting my studio. So why not choose that? It's not at all that i am the obese human being, though easy to feel that way. I just want to have confidence in myself, and be able to hold myself with poise. haha that's what my mother says. So i made myself a work out schedule and am sticking by it from now on. Also went to Sunflower Market after work today and got some groceries... Eating healthy is expensive, but so worth it. Hopefully this will help my immune system, that rarely exists as is. haha. 
New Rules: 
1.Soda only twice a week (going to be so hard with a fridge full of every soda you can imagine at work... but i can do it)
2. Water bottle on me at all times.
3. 3 fast food visits a week. which seems like way more than a someone should have.. but realizing i'm in high school.. that is already a major cut back.. which is disgusting. 
4. 20 minute minimum jog/run a day. 
5. Follow work out schedule.. and no skipping things. even if tired!

I'm ready to be comfortable in my body.. which has never happened so this will be new. haha 
Believe in me would ya? I'm going to get there..

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would anyone like to join me? 

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