Monday, October 17, 2011

seven things.

number one: I want to be a nascar driver.
(okay.. it doesn't have to be nascar.. but i want to race cars... driving fast.. is by far the best feeling ever. and when i did get my first ticket for speeding.. by the d.b. p.g. cop.. i wanted to say "alright.. i'm just practicing for my future career".. but seeing as he was the orneriest cop alive.. i decided to pass. the boy thinks it is so funny that i drive a billion miles a hour.. but it's okay. haha.)

number two: I think my dislike in change has taken ahold on my movies.
(let me explain. For those of you that know me.. know that i watched the grinch every night for a year.. yeah i missed the times i was out of town.. but honestly.. my faithfulness to that movie is a joke. every line in that.. is permanetly stuck in my head. but i watched the italian job one sunday.. then began watching that every night.. then my obsession with harry potter took over my life. but the point is.. like i have five select movies that i switch off between.. but i can't seem to watch a different movie. oh well. i'm satisfied.)

number three: i am obsessed with pictures/quotes.
(pinterest and weheartit... are my life. bottom line)

number four: i miss my old life.
(soooo bad do i wish i was with my team. my girls. my best friends. every day.. through the fights, drama, stupid things that piss you off.. and just random crap... like it is more worth it than anything. although i'm glad i was able to have a job.. and be able to work every day.......... i can't believe i'm saying i'm grateful for that.. but anyways. i'm glad i can work. but i don't want to be grown up yet.. and manage my  money. i want to be at studio one. every day for the rest of my life.)

number five: passion for paint
(random obsession with painting.. weird.. cause i use to hate it. but oh well it's fun:))

number six: boy and best friend. blessed.
("i'm not lucky i am blessed yes". for freaking real. ha i find the need to do a brag post every so often. but for realllll between the two of them.. i am so dang lucky. they are two of the most unique.. haha and incredible people ever. love them both so much.

number seven: -15 lbs..
(by the end of the year.. that is my goal. incase you were wondering. hahaha ps. like two posts ago i wrote soda only twice a week........ that was the funniest thing i think i have ever written. good heck. soda addict? [x] awesome. and not that i'm like at all trying to flaunt this.. but if i feel like i put it on my blog.. more motivation? or something. haha wish me luckk)

welllll.. everyone has pretty much done it by now.
so i tag.
whoever hasn't.

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