Friday, August 5, 2011

an enduring spirit.

Goodbyes are never easy; anybody could tell you that.
When farewells are for an extended time, they become harder.
Regardless of ones beliefs, death is never easy.
The world lost one of the most incredible men, ever given to it.
"The arts are for the brave."
He gave himself to the world.
His drawings, sculptures, music, compositions, and profound knowledge,
will forever touch the hearts of his family and friends.
I truly do feel honored to have him in my family.
But, unfortunately i never had the chance to say the things i wish i could have.
Somehow, i think now he will be able to see how many lives he has touched, unknowingly.
So here's to you uncle Benson.
You have helped me realize what i want to do with my life.
The sky's the limit some say, but you went beyond that throughout your life. Easily.
After your memorial i realized that i need to step up, if this is what i want..
Here's to the man that has inspired my life.
Here's to your art, music, inspiration, for it will never die.
You showed everyone that we have it in us.
"A man that believed we were all children of a God, trying to overcome this world.
 To find the beauty around us."
For death is never easy, but easier knowing you will be close. I know you will.
Love you.

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