Wednesday, August 10, 2011

redefine best friend.

Sometimes basking in old memories is heart warming,
and other times you realize, how even the smallest amount of time can change everything.
You realize that no matter how many pictures you take with your "best friend",
apart from the hours you spend in their bed, laughing, trying to counteract the pain and drama of the world,
regardless the number of inside jokes you have,
despite every secret you have told them,
The next day they could be gone.
Reminiscing on the past years brings back memories filled with just about every emotion imaginable.
From pure bliss, to betrayal.
You never truly know who will "always be there for you."
One may wish to think that once coming across a friend they quickly "click" with,
that they will be their bridesmaid, and long after riding in hot pink jazzy's together.
Through the years, ones definition of "best friend" alters,
thinking year after year who my closest, best, most inseparable friend was,
it changes drastically.
To think, some of these people are not even a part of my life any more..
That i could not tell you where they are living, or what they are doing with their lives.
At the moment in your life that they are that friend to you,
You would never expect for them to be gone.
For you, they are meant to be held in that special spot, for eternity.
If only life worked that way.
I like to think that there is people out there that sincerely care,
that won't stab you in the back,
that won't tell your deepest darkest secret,
that you can complain to for hours and they honestly won't think any differently of you,
that you can "call at three in the morning," cause they are there for you,
that there is someone that can say "You are my best friend, and i would never do anything to hurt you"
and prove it.
I'd like to think that taking a million pictures and putting them on facebook, or commenting on their wall a million times, makes a best friend,
that you can have few things in common, and look past the past hurt they have caused you previously,
I'd like to think that you come across these things often,
but in reality, that doesn't happen.
I'd like to think this way, but the world has a funny way of proving me wrong.
So be the friend you may have never had,
be the person that will make a crack in the incredibly fake stereotype of a "best friend"
Be the one that is down to earth, does not care about pleasing every person to have a million best friends, be the one that sticks to their word, be the one that doesn't say things that are not true about someone, the one that befriends the underdog, the one that isn't fake, the one that can start a conversation with people easily, the one that your friends can turn to, the one that holds others secrets inside them, and respects the fact that they have been hurt and just needed someone to talk to about it. Be all of this and so much more.. Regardless that the whole body of people surrounding you, is just the opposite.

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