Tuesday, August 2, 2011

simply me.

I am not a therapist, philosopher, tree hugger, or even God.
I am a passionate seventeen year old girl, that is just trying to figure life out as it comes.
I don't find what I say profound or intriguing on any level.
I say what i feel, and what comes from my heart.
I do not wish to be famous, nor do i think I am any greater than the man next to me.
I do wish to add to the decreasing group of genuine, real people in our word.
I do not wish to be popular or well known.
I desire to be who I've set out to be, and if along the way, i change.. So be it.
I do not wish to do extravagant things, or go down in history for walking to the moon.
I wish to be known as a girl who set her dreams as priorities,
and strived every day until they were accomplished.
I am not your average girl.
I do not own a "go green" shirt,
because i prefer purple, anyways.
My clothes aren't anything special,
but hey, they are comfortable.
I do not wish to be loved by everyone, or have a billion best friends.
I do not wish to lie, be fake, or kiss butts.
I wish to stand up for myself, not let people tell me who i am, nor allow them to state my future, and inform me of who i will become.
I do not care to influence people,
I care to not let people negatively influence me.
I do not care that every day of my life is not full of events, dates, or plans.
I strive to surround myself with those i love, and learn something new everyday.
Whether it be the square root of 3892739472394,
or the fact that i think tomatoes are the most disgusting food on the earth.
I do not wish to live a perfect credible life, full of money, "bff's", and all that jazz.
I just wish to find some sort of positive aspect from every situation.
I do not aspire to walk in million dollar shoes,
I wish to be comfortable in my own.
I just wish to be me.

Simply me.

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