Tuesday, August 23, 2011

not so sure about this.

welcome to the overly dramatic post... have fun reading.
day one is over.
and i'm just about done.
i really really want this year to be over, right about now.
i know everyone says "your senior year is the best, live it up"
if this is how it's going to be... i'd rather figure out how to finish early and peace the freak out.
already i want to go up to people and just ask them to shut their mouths.
like really, go tell me best friend crap about me, i dare you.
do you not think she is going to tell me?
like make up alllll the freaking lies you want,
who do you think she's going to believe.
try and knock me down when i'm at my weakest. do it.
day one and i want it to be done and over with.
hanging out with the heather and the provo group sophomore year showed me how mature people can be, and taught me that i had to be more mature if i wanted to fit in with them, as dumb as it sounds..
and now going into this year. like i feel like people missed that lesson.
i want them all back, and things to be like that again. missions need to go by faster.
this weekend sucked. this day sucked. 
i want it to be a fun year, i really do. and i know once everything that's going on chills out and i don't have to think about it as much it will be fine. 
lets hope that comes quickly.
and side note. why do people back stab you when they KNOW you are going through a hard time.. like honestly. 
grow the freak up.

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