Tuesday, August 23, 2011

who even knows.

after writing a negative post i always want to right a positive one.
haha call me two faced. i don't mind.
i told myself today that i am ready to be happy.
i am ready to move past what has happened.
no matter how much i wish it hadn't, it did and all i can do is accept that.
no i do not like being at school, and feel betrayed by majority of the people around me..
but this will be the last year.
the year before i'll make big plans, and hopefully leave the state.
i'm ready to start focusing on my writing,
and start making things happen.
life isn't going to fall into place.
well yes, it will.. but if you let it do that, it most likely won't be the way you want it.
saying you believe in destiny is fine, but don't let it be an excuse to sit back and not make things happen.
become a possibilitarian.
no matter how dark things may seem to be,
all you can do is raise your sights.
once acting upon a thought, or making a crucial decision you have to keep moving forward.
see every possibility.
cause they're there.
i'm grateful today for; my love of writing, and how my journal is an open canvas. it listens pretty darn well i must say. i'm grateful i have the privilege to go to school, and further my education.

i am grateful i am alive.

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