Thursday, August 18, 2011

if words could kill.

the desperation that has occurred this week needs to end, here.
there is some things people can say, that take you back,
and there is others that might as well stomp all over every part of your body.
Bad news never had good timing.
laughs to crash.
i'm so sick of not knowing what to do.
not knowing to stop or go,
to speed up or slow down,
to work things out or take a step back.
words can't describe how grateful i am for my best friend.
sounds ridiculous, and like im tryna be all cool and prove i have a great best friend.
But... that's far from.
If it wasn't for her.
man. ha i do not even know.
i know taking life one day at a time is key,
but sometimes looking to the future, and what will happen then, is the only thing crowding my mind.
sometimes it's time to throw in the towel.

dear anxiety attacks,
i've found you have made a humble adobe inside me. i'm glad you feel comfortable.
but the problem is, i start school next week. I can not have what happened last year,
happen this year. i need to be in school, always. so as fun as you have been to have
around, it hasn't been all that much fun. feel free to move to a new home. i heard
narnia is nice. glad we had the quality bonding time we had,
annie. the person you have had fun attacking for way too long.

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