Sunday, July 31, 2011

hick central. yallll.

Grover, Wyoming: Population 120
Percent of population that have mullets: 82%
The other eighteen being horses, or babies that don't have long enough hair yet.
And for the record, we aren't talking about the "oh I'm a cute boy in high school that thinks I'm cool with a mullet" I'm talking the nappy, haven't brushed it in weeks, probably haven't showered this month, mullet.
Home Sweet Home.
Where you get dirt instead of side walks,
Four wheelers instead of cars,
Horses everywhere,
Cowboy hats on every head,
The aroma of... dirt,
A total of maybe 10 restaurants within a 30 minute drive. (and that's pushing it.)
One bowling alley (biggest hit in town)
and two grocery stores, that close at six.. well seven on the weekends.. these folks work crazy late.
Where everyone waves to everyone like they are best friends,
Where the size of your house doesn't define who you are,
the amount of crap (if i may say) outside your house doesn't make you "white trash"
and your "next-door neighbors" are within maybe a mile or so.
Where you pick a trial on your four wheeler, and hope to get back to the main road within a hour or so.
Where you drive down the road and smell campfire consistently,
and have dirt on your face... always.
Where the parade "floats" are falling apart, and throw out so much candy that after the parade ended the streets were still filled with candy that no one wanted, because they already have enough.
Where you hear jokes like "You dropped your pocket mam'" or "Your socks untied" in the parking lot..
and the new addition "You ready to bolt like troy bolten"
Where flannel, and overalls are where it's at,
and if your hair isn't frizzy, in a mullet, or a french braid down the back, you look like a fool.
Where the cashiers all ask you "You here for the derby?!" like it's the event of a life time.
If you don't get the point..
Wyoming is the greatest place... ever.
Good week? I'd say so.
y'all hear? haha

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  1. hahaahahaha I peed my pants about those two jokes, seriously. this sounds awesome haha I'm actually way jealous