Saturday, July 23, 2011


The loss of something becomes more detrimental than you wish.
Searching in desperation, wishing that what you have lost would be apart of your life, once more.
You attach to the next thing that resembles what you have lost, because you notice the familiarity.
You still realize the absence in your life, though attatching to smiliar things seem to make it easier for the time being.
You are so familiar with the feeling of loss.
You become attatched on extreme  measures.
 If you were to loose it twice, you would feel more alone than you did the first time, because of having experienced this emotion before.
You wish things would never change, that you would be able to hold on to the relationships forever,
For once they are lost, you know they are gone.
No matter how much you try to fool yourself,
 they aren't coming back.
And when you begin to feel comfortable, and that your loss is manageable, life happens,
and the cycle repeats once more.

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