Tuesday, July 26, 2011

perfection infection.

In a world that judgements are common.
Jumping to conclusion is ordinary.
Judging a book by it's cover is what is taught.
Normal is good, and very few fall into that category.
Skinny is right,
Beauty is make up.
In a world that no one gets a real chance.

so when do we stop.
The girl that wears the same shirt everyday may have a father that lost his job months ago.
The far to skinny girl was once called fat and can't get that thought out of her head.
The boy that never talks, has a home where he gets yelled at if he says one word.
The alcholic never had anything or anyone to turn to through the hard times, so he found the wrong thing.
The drug addict that has been trying to stop for years but can't no matter how much he has lost, how much it is literally killing himself.
The kid that turns to drugs in high school because he has never had parents that care.

The people that surround us everyday, that are too afraid to say anything because they are ashamed they aren't perfect. They don't feel anything anymore, because of what they have chosen to fit YOUR standards. So when do you stop and think about what your saying, or who you are befriending.. or maybe the opposite. When do you drop the perfect outlines, and realize people are human. Nobody is perfect, no matter how hard you try. So why are you holding these outlines above every ones heads. You have to be this way, weigh this much, have this amount of money, have this many boys want you, to be apart of my life. Be aware of who you are hurting. People make mistakes, and maybe one person is looking for your acceptance. That is all they need, to know that to you they are "perfect" or maybe just alright.. That they don't have to hide behind these walls, stigmas, personalities. That they can be them, you can be you, and together be alright.

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  1. Im loving your playlist, just so you know.
    You're an amazing writer.