Saturday, July 23, 2011

happy clean slate day!

I am not exempt to using excuses, but it seems the commonality is growing for people in my life, to use excuses as their language of choice. I am so sick of it. 'i can't do this or that because of what happened twenty and a half years ago, i can't do that cause i never was taught that way growing up, i can't wear that cause someone didn't compliment me on it when i wore it last year on may 23rd, i might as well just give up because that girl will always be better than me.' So what happens when twenty years down the line something doesn't work out for you? You gonna blame it on that day in 2011 that created the excuse that you couldn't do it? Like really? All i can say to you, is if you wanted something so bad that it was the only thing on your mind, you strive, live, breathe for it.. then you will find a way to make it happen. Guaranteed. Stop living a life of excuses. I don't know one person, that has dreams that have come easy for them, that they have been handed every single thing in their life.. but you know, maybe there is people like that out there.. and if so why the hell are you comparing yourself to them. When you are sitting there using excuse after excuse, comparing yourself, saying "if circumstances were different".. you know where your headed? Nowhere, and so unbelievably fast. And for you that want to live this way.. Good luck.  Circumstances will be an excuse for some, and motivation for others. The sun doesn't always shine, and optimism ain't always easy. In the end, all you can hope for is a better place than where you are at now. But here is to that day.. No, here is to today. The day when you set your sights high, and become so strong nothing will disturb you. Nothing will get in your way, and you will drop the excuses. Here is to giving that person that second chance they are in dyer need of, that you never gave because of what someone might think of you. Here is to being opened minded to people, experiences, and life, regardless of whether thats how you have been taught. Here is to wearing that shirt that you love more than life, even if someone said it was ugly. Here is to forgetting about all the reasons why you can't and remembering the reason.. even if it is only one, why you can. Peace hate. Peace excuses. Peace regret. Peace negativity. and good freaking riddins.
Todays the day.

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  1. i heard a quote once that said this: "winners make it happen, losers watch it happen."
    you're amazing, annie.