Wednesday, July 13, 2011

day numbered two.

nine things about me myself and i.
i've done this so many times.. so imma try to think of different ones..

1. i didn't get a cell phone till i was sixteen years old. and yes it sucked. and yes i still have the same exact phone that i had then.

2. i want to be a writer or a public speaker (on the side of dance that is..) when i am older.. but i get incredibly nervous speaking in front of people.. to the point that i turn red, and my voice cracks.

3. i could never/will never set an alarm that doesn't end with a three or seven. (example. 7:33.. 6:47.. if you got confused.)

4. i love dragonflies.. but they freak me out when they charge towards me.

5. i have a book of secrets that the day i fill completely, is the day i will burn it.

6. i become overly attached to people.. not in a like close, be near me way.. but rather if i lose them.. i have a hard time coping.

7. i write songs.. and poems. haha not the like teenage "you broke my heart... im crushed" drama songs.. haha but just about anything and everything..

8. i can not wait for the day that i can decorate my own home.. interior designing would be such a cool career.. and i am constantly updating/making changes to my room.

9. i have two very serious goals that i will achieve.. first.. be able to sing  on pitch.. for like two words.. and second be able to sew. okkk.. so they aren't that serious.. but still i want both of those things so bad haha.

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