Saturday, July 2, 2011

the father.

what we've done:
all that jazz.

but i'll have you know, i came to a relization this morning. I love my dad with all of my heart. Obviously i love my mom too, don't get me wrong.. but my father and i have had more than a rough relationship through the years. When i was little i was the definition of daddy's girl.. and then came my teenage years.. where the cliché came along.. to hate your parents.. haha and oh did i ever fall into that stage. Things happened, and i had a harder time with our relationship.. but lately i have realized the sacrafices my father makes for my family but specifically me. though the fatherly love comes off in harsh ways sometimes.. i couldn't be more greatful i have him in my life. When i look at him i know what i want my husband to be like. My dad can fix anything and everything.. and if he can't he sure as hell will figure it out in ten minutes, give or take. He is so protective.. which does get annoying at times, but i know he is just trying to keep me safe. I know that through his stuborn ways, swearing, and overly proctectiveness he sincerley just wants the best for me. I know that i don't tell him how much appreciate him enough.. but i don't know what i would do without him at this point in my life. Thanks for teaching me how to fish, how to unplug the shower drain, and clean carpet. Thank you for showing me all of your eighties music, and playing your guitar late at night when you think nobody is listening. Thank you for teaching me the ways of the outdoors, and how to plant a proper garden. Thank you for always getting my hydration pack ready for me, with frozen water and all. Thank you for cleaning my camp stuff when you know im dreading it. Thank you for letting me dance, you will never know how much it means. Thank you for playing trouble with me all growing up. Thank you for the bike rides, and teaching me how to play baseball like the boys.. and telling me that when we were in the batting cage "you were pitching the balls to me as fast as you were the boys" to boost my confidence. Thank you for inviting me to watch sahara with you on sundays, despite how sick of that movie i am. thank you for doing my laudry for me, when you know i will never get around to it. thank you for paying my phone bill. Thanks for showing me how to turn on the sprinklers, incase i ever want to run through them. Thanks for making me a pony tail holder out of rope, when we are working together. Thanks for asking me to come along and help you on jobs, and then paying me more money than someone would get payed for the week.. and acting like thats how much you pay people. Thank you for being my daddieooo. I love you sooo much dad. always have, always will. regardless.

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