Sunday, July 17, 2011

day three.

been out of town. no service/internet.. so not my fault im behind.

eight ways to win mahhh heart.

1. you don't necessarily have to have a love for dance.. but rather respect it.

2. if you know  how to dance.. any type. but mainly hip.hop... and are good at it.. yeessss sirrr.

3. respect your parents, but more importantly your mother, and sisters. if a girl can see that you would make a good father.. obviously she's gonna dig you.

4. uhmm be ok with the fact that i listen to the same music over and over.

5. take me on cute dress up dates. (my brother and theo use to do this.. just because they had been together for so long.. and of course there was no more.. prom or homecoming or what ever.. and it seriously was the cutest thing everrr)

6. love the grinch. you bash on it. your gone.

7. maybe occasional flowerrrs. what girl wouldn't love that.

8. trust me.

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