Monday, May 16, 2011

day 1. the challenge.

[Write about your best friend.]
uhmm not one. several.

1. mrs. rosie.. This girl has gone through more than anyone could imagine, but yet she's still going. She works hard at everything she does, and is one of the sweetest most sincere caring person you will ever meet. We are together majority of the day between school and dance, and yes we do get sick of each other.. haha but i know she will always be there. I love you rosie, and thank you for the encouragement to never give up.

2. My dance team. Kira, Ellie, Jakelle, Syd, Madi, Sid, Cc, Tiff, Rosie, Steph, and Kyla. I would do anything for anyone of these girls. We spend more hours together than we do apart. We go though it all. Every secret, every boy, ever sad day, every joy. everything. I don't know where i would be without them, they truly inspire and make me who i am. Love you girls so much.

3. Derrick. haha i had to. Who would have known. Most people don't see how things are really, but i don't mind that. No matter how cliche you may think it is.. he really has made me want to be a better person,. He makes me laugh when i don't want to.. (i hate it) but the fact that we just sit and laugh at how stupid we are really does make me so happy. I would do anything for him.. and i'm so glad things have turned out the way they have. "That which does not conquer you only makes you stronger" He puts up with more than most would know, and i look up to him so much. I love you so much(:

4. my lonnie stu.
haha tears just came to my eyes. i could not ask for a better little sister. Honestly. ha she drives me insane.. INSANE. haha but i love her soo much. She listens to all of my stories no matter how stupid they are and shows me what sincerity is. I love you stuie.. and thanks for being not just blood.. but someone i will always be able to turn to.

5. Ashley leah larsen.
ha well.. from the good times to the bad... best friends since seventh grade. Things have kinda changed lately.. but i would do anything for this girl. Through the tears and the peeing our pants.. she is what a true friend is.. I call her my mom.. haha but like she really is. In the way she cares and always wants to make me happy. I love you ash and no matter what happens you will be my best friend.

6. Cassidy Amy.
hahaha oh man.
The things we do. The thing that i love soo much about my friendship with cassidy, is that we do crazy things together... but yet have hour conversations about reallllll life stuff. I love this girl and when we decided we were twins.. i really do believe it. We are so much alike.. and she knows how to understand my unsaid words.. She helps me through the tough times, and is there for all my joys. I love you cass.. and i don't know what i would do without you.. honestly.

7. Lacey Brooke.
at this point a lot has changed between us.. but when it comes down to it.. you are my best friend.. and always will be. The memories we have... haha we could make a book out of. oh wait we have. You are a genuine person.. that cares about me.. honestly with all of your heart. and i appreciate that more than you know. You come off to be strong and confident.. and most don't know what you have gone through to get there.. i look up to you for that.  I love you and i will be there every step of your way. Graduation means nothing.

These girls. (and boy) haha mean soo much to me. Whether i am close with them right now or things have somewhat changed.. i consider them family.. and know i could count on them for anything. I love you guys.. and will stand by you forever.

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