Friday, May 6, 2011

my girls.

though high school is dramatic..
and there seem to be more bad days than good..
tdt is the reason i go to school.
most times i got to tdt then leave, cause that's the only class i actually like.
yes we get frustrated and annoy each other but i would do anything for any of these girls.
Last night at concert made me realize that.
after an injury during dress rehersal concert was going rougher than i would have hoped..
got a blessing during intermission, and having my team surround me and be the strongest support system i could have asked for cheering me on was soo cool. an amazing experience.
Losing the seniors this year is soo sad because they are some of my best friends..
but ahh. the memories will stick with us all forever(:
so here is to our last concert together.
may we...well.. kill it(:

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