Tuesday, May 31, 2011

day ten.

dayyy ten. a letter to a crush. ex. what ever.
(this is sincere.. haha so don't think i am just being a smart a.)

to an ex.
thank you for everything.
lets be honest.
i thought you were it. ha... those nights just laughing.. and living it up. cause i thought it would last.
it all ended so quickly.
you taught me to never give up.
to know there is so much more than there seems to be.
and taught me that no matter how much it seems like you were my world. you weren't. and i can move on.
thank you for showing me that there is soo much more to be happy about.
"you leaving me does not make me bitter or cynical towards love but rather teaches me that if i wanted to be with the wrong person so much how happy i would be when the right one came along"
most people may think they know who this is to.. but supprisingly.. i bet it's not who most would think.
but hey.
thank you for making me laugh.
and for the fun memories and nights.
thank you for everything, i wish i could say this to your face.
but frankily im not in a position where i could because..
well im a bit too scared.
but hey this helps me.
thank you for screwing me over.
you taught me how strong i am.
taught me that i have so much strength within me to keep going, even when it sucks.
that when the whole school looks at you like your a joke cause you just got screwed over.. that there is real people, true friends, and a whole lot of them that care soo much.
much more than our relationship was worth.
so thanks.
good life lessons you havee taught me for sure..
i hope some day you'll realize what you've done.
you've taught a girl... that things are better without you.
so thank you.
i appreciate everything.
and hope to talk to you someday like i once have.
but until then.. i'll keep smiling.. because i can.

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