Tuesday, May 31, 2011

day 14.15

day 14.
what did you eat today.
well frankly i have not blogged in some time.
sooo i don't remember what i ate on this day.
but i can GUARANTEE you.
it was not healthy.
and most definitely exceeded my calorie limit.

day 15.
what do i look for in a guy.
  • someone who makes me laugh.
  • someone that doesn't act gay around his friends.
  • someone that isn't just in it to get some.
  • someone that laughs with me.
  • someone i can act like an idiot in front of.
  • someone that likes my friends.. and doesn't just sit and bash on them.
  • someone that accepts the fact that i have dance errryday.
  • someone that gets over the fact that i like dance more than i will ever like them. haha kidding.. sorta.
  • someone that understands me.. and doesn't try to change me.
  • someone that loves me. for me.
  • many  others. but that'll do for now. eh.

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