Tuesday, May 17, 2011

day two.

2. favorite song and why.
uhmm.. there are so many its a joke to try and pick one.
but here are some constants that keep me going.
(walk away-ben harper definite on the list.. but i recently posted that.. so decided to not again.)
1. hometown glory. adele...
yeah pretty self explanitory.. she's insane.
2. on my mind. kalai.
uhmm brings back way to many memories.. gets me through the long nights.
3. send me on my way. rusted root.
haha.. i just love this song. and matilda is where its at... so like yeah. haha.
these are like my slowerrish. favorites. but there is a millionjakabajillion on my list of favorite songs.
and yes that is a number.

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