Friday, May 20, 2011

day threeeee. el chalenge.

three. day.
top ten biggest pet peeves.
(not in order)

1. when people eat loud.
2. when people don't close their mouth when they eat.
3. when i tell people i hate feet then they put theirs on me? really?
4. when people try to out grinch quote me. haha drives me insane.
5. slutttty annoying convention dance girls.
6. when people don't say what they really think
7. when people curl their hair and wear sweats? hahaha.
8. when people say "OH I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING" "k tell me.." "oh.. i can't tell later" like really.. that is the only thing i think of from then on.
9. fake girls./ kiss ups.
10. when girls try to impress senior boys.. well and girls for that matter.. HA HA. (what happens when they are gone next year? weird.)

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