Tuesday, May 31, 2011


went to my last class of my junior year today.
can i get a hallelujah.
really though.
best feeling ever.
you want to know what.
today is going to be a good day.
wanna know why?
cause i said so thats why.
haha. but really.
right now.. kickin back. windows open. blasting a little send me on my way.. and ellie goulding. drinking an arizona. wearin shorts.
gonna go get ready for tdt meeting.
and then the coolest thing ever.
i feel like im talking to myself..
and i would never put this on facebook.
but who cares.
this is my blog.
but last saturday my ballet teacher texted me saying her cousin who is a  professional photographer saw  my pictures we had taken earlier in the month wanted to do a photo shoot with me.
hahaha. i about laughed my head off..
but so i get to do a black swan photo shoot. ahh. am i excited? what do you think. hahaha.
some other girl is going to be there... being the white swan that i don't even know.. but who cares.
im a black swan bihh!
hahaha.. im on something right now my applogies.--- appologies. haha applogies. is funny to say.
then off to the tdt sleep over party.
haha such a good good day.
could life get any better.
well honestly  yes it probably could. but haha thiss'llll do for now. yeeee.
party and party and party and pa and pa and party.

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