Friday, May 20, 2011

day five. im stranded.

who with.
ten things.

I would be with Mallory and Heatherlynn.
why? cause we can talk foreverrrr. literally.
and everytime we are together we never have enough time.
I never get sick of being with them.. not just because we are family.. but best friends.

ten items.
1. food.
2. food.
3. like the basics. tent. blankets, pillow.. what ever you need?
4. camera.
5. endless notebooks and pens. (gotta doodle.)
6. chapstick.
7. food.
8. did i say food.? can't get petersons together without food.
9. ipods... and speakers. that work on the island.. that never die.
10. food? ha.ha.

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