Saturday, June 25, 2011

back off.

please just stop.
who are you to tell me what i can do.
who are you to try and stop me from following my dreams.
who are you to tell me what i use to be like.
who are you to tell me that it is not like me.
who are you to tell me to give up.
who are you to get in my way.
who are you to tell me I've changed and you hate to see me this way.
who are you to tell me that I'm not happy.
who are you to act like you know how i feel.
who are you to think you can leave me when you wish, and come back in pointing out every flaw imaginable.
who are you to storm around, trying to control me, trying to knock me down..

to be honest. your not getting to me. but rather driving me freaking insane.
i know who i am
i know what i want and what i am going to have to do to make my dreams attainable.
i know i have changed, but that is a part of life..
i know what makes me happy.
i know who you are to me.
i know that i am strong enough without you.
i know i am strong enough that when you come crashing down on me i can walk away from it, unharmed.
i know that when you walk out and find other people to turn to, i will always be here. not that i want to.. but it's a part of me that i could never leave behind. no matter how hard the memories are to face.

sometimes it sucks to realize how much better you are without certain people in your life.
rid of the ones bringing you down.
they aren't worth it, no matter how hard the goodbyes are.

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  1. this is so true. I'm sorry for commenting on seriously almost all of your posts; but I feel the exact same way; this is freakin profound. I love it.