Saturday, June 4, 2011

day 20.

a picture of yourself and 15 facts.

1. Ha. i could have looked for a cute picture or something.. but that brings me to fact number one.
I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. Sorry if you think you are great or something.. but ha your opinion doesn't matter to me.
2. Dance is me. I have passion to move. I will be dancing to my grave.
3. I am sarcastic. so don't take me seriously or you will be easily offended.
4. i hate feet.
5. i hate bridges. thank you mr. hunter for showing me; a helpless seventh grader, a video of bridge after bridge breaking and killing people. You definitely made an impact.
6. i spend way to much time between blogging, weheartit, youtube, playlist, facebook. well basically just on the computer.
7. i collect bottles.
8. i will learn how to be a glass blower before i die.
9. i have one of the longest bucket lists. and you better believe i will achieve every last thing on it.
10. i would like to punch girls of the dramatic decendancy?
11. i have the best friends in the world.
12. if i could i would live in the canyon for the rest of my life. looove nature.
13. i write way too much.. but have a passion for writing.
14. i remember everything. haha like little details about everything just stick in my head. sometimes this is bad. but what ever.
15. i am me. i say what i want. i live the way i want to live. i believe what i want. but don't try and stop me unless your set out for failure. because i am done letting people get me down. I am annika leigh madsen and stronger than you would ever believe.
call me a bitch, call me cocky, call me stuck up, call me what you want.
do it.
but watch me as a i walk off.. laughing.
i dare you.

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