Sunday, June 12, 2011

it had been one year.

all is well. then you come in. once again.
i would like to know is, is what your doing is intentional?..
"Just when I had you off my head, Your voice comes thrashing wildly through my quiet bed. You say you wanna try again. But I've tried everything but giving in. Why you wanna break my heart again, Why am I gonna let you try.
When all we ever do is say goodbye" (john.mayer... he gets me. duh.)

did you think it through to text me the weekend we shared a year ago exactly.
as if the memories didn't already flood.
as if the fights that night didn't make me second guess running back to how everything was.
do you mean to do what you do to me.
it's the person you think of when you read love quotes.
it's the person you tell yourself your over.. but you know your not.
as if i don't already picture what the fall will bring.
and the choices that will have to be made.
how happy i am right now.
everything will change.
as if i don't sit there thinking that you will still be there.
waiting... as you say.
seeing your name in my inbox.
why do you have to do this.
dear inbox,
please keep him out for now.
i honestly can't handle it.
it would be much appreciated.

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