Sunday, June 5, 2011


if the world didn't have those things...
goodbyes could have been said.
phone calls in the middle of the night telling nothing but news you never wished to hear would have never happened.
unexpected loss could be prevented.
a legacy and friend to all could have been saved.
once the path is taken there is no turning back. but there is always ways to lead a new path.
you are the leader of your life.
the hurt people feel that is often kept to themselves could have been dealt with.
the bitter, impacting aloneness would have been comforted.
the choices one may make, to take away the hurt behind closed doors
nobody knows.
i only hope in the conceited high school world i have to belong to for the next year... people will care a little less about themselves.. and realize what is going on around them.
People care after something traumatizing happens.
but you know.. sometimes its a little too late.
do something now.
show people you care..
because you have no idea what they are going through..
the struggles the face every day.
the amount it takes from them to keep going.
care now.
why does it take something serious to make people realize how fragile people are? how a simple phrase can make or break them in a sense. how addiction is a serious thing that is not easily overcome..
 but is attainable
you never want to lose someone and wish you could have one more conversation with them to tell them you care. to tell them "if you ever need someone i will be here".. you know fate doesn't always give you that option. so say those things now. but don't just say them.. mean it and live by your words.. sincerely care about people and don't make them question if they can turn to you in serious troubling times. live with no regrets, and be so in tune with those around you.. cause i promise when you don't.. it'll tear you apart.
the strength is in the pack.

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