Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the birthday numbered 17.

uhmm. so this is a much needed post.. that i have been meaning to do for quite some time.
may 26th. the birthing day for myself. ha.

day started off bright and early.
well technically it was still dark outside.
it was one a.m. when i was woken to jakelle, ashley, tiffanie, rosie, cassidy, and liza jumping on my bed telling me to get up.
we went to dennys. and grant and derrick were waiting there.. scared the heck out of me..
we ate. so much fun.. good to be with all of my friends for once.
went home. slept for a little
got up. went to school. on the way turned the corner to see a huge poster that said "happy 17th birthday annie" that was freaking cute.
went to school in tdt there were balloons waiting for me that i had to carry around all day(: haha those were my orders.
uhmm.. went to the rest of school. which sucked a little seeing as it was finals but oh well.
after school i was given a basket full of all my favorite treats and suchh(:
went to arc.
was entertained by the stupid things grant had to say.. like ususal.
and watched him draw me, cass, him, and jessa on the balloons haha. that was a plus. haha.
went to wendys with cass.
went home.
don't remember what i did.
derrick came over. gave me the best present ever haha. really.
went to pizza factory with la familia.
aft and sky were working so that was a definite plus.
went to tech rehersal.
went home
ate cookies and ice cream (by myself :( haha)
and the day ended.
saturday though. ash wanted to take me to get ice cream for my birthday.. rosie came. went ate, got in the car.. all of the sudden there was a blind fold around my eyes and i didn't know what was going on, drove around for awhile. i was getting frustrated cause i didn't know where i was. got out of the car at the destination. was lead by ash and rosie up some stairs.. then hear "SURPRISE" yelled haha and opened my eyes to some of my bessst friends in the world running up to me. the amazing friends i have threw me a surprise party. and we danced the night away... well until rosie sliced her foot. haha. but oh well. it was so much fun while it lasted. i have some of the best friends in the entire world. they would do anything for me. and i can tell. love them sooo much. and am so greatful i have them in my life. seriously.
thanks for the best birthday i could have asked for. yeeeahh buddy.

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