Monday, June 13, 2011

it hurt a little.

dad got a scooter.
tryna start it for thirty minutes.
"i wanna ride it."
shuts off.
think to myself.. oh that's  a little weird...
scooter starts. dad goes and rides it. comes back.. i go.
leave my phone on the chair.
drive around the church parking lot. go back the other way.. head down the street. pull over to flip around and go back.. wait for a car to pass.. start flipping around but not very sharp seeing as the first time was a little scary to ride it. car that was pulled off in front of me decided to flip around as well. much faster.. car coming for me. look forward. just see weeds and decide to go straight into them. hit the gas so the car doesn't hit. it was dark. ended up being a canal.. fell off the scooter.. scooter on top of me.. no energy whats so ever. reach for my phone.. it's at the house. screaming and trying to push it off.. roll up the hill a little. crash back on top of me. bottom half on my leg. top on my chest.. can hardly breathe. close my eyes and give up... then the scooter was lifted off. and i was in someones arms. the guys that cut me off pulled over and ran back from me.. God was watchin out for me tonight... i've never met more sincere appologetic men in my life. one probably my age.. and two that were early twenties. never asked for their names.. didn't have to.. and was in a little shock. got home. with bruises, a numb leg, and trauma. but i'm still here.. and if it weren't for them who knows what condition i would be in right now. so where ever you are right now guys. thank you for coming back.. someitmes when you feel like giving up, God sends someone to strengthen you and remind you that you're still here.. and thats the thing.. i am still here. so thank you.


  1. im grateful you're here.
    next time we gotta follow those signs...
    i love you <3

  2. annie!! ohhh my. i hope you're ok. i'm very glad you're still alive:) love you!