Saturday, June 4, 2011

day 17.

17. something that inspires you.

of the many things i could choose from.. I'm going to have to go with music.
i realize everyones alll "oh i love music"
the strength i find in music is unbelievable.
a symphony or a single acoustic.
when i am weak i am lifted up.
being a dancer i feel as though i "have an ear" to hear the different beats, ticks, anything and everything in the music.
music makes me move.
music makes me live.
so many hours of blasting with tears streaming..
i can't even imagine what i would do without it.
driving for hours.. canyon, freeway, wallsburg. where ever i end up. there is endless playlists going.
my best friend.
her name is pandora.
second best friend.
music inspires ME.

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