Friday, June 10, 2011


the rambling thought process of today, june tenth.

wake up. dance was pretty crappy. i love when i can't even do a triple pirouette. love being second best, it is quite the best. not. I love hearing the news of "we are having all of senior company re-audition at the make up auditions".. are you kidding or no. i honestly was waiting for a just kidding.. but it never came. Did we all seriously do that bad.. haha like i don't get it. company ballet and company technique.. longest four hours of my life, seriously. get home.. pass out on the chair.. which is the most uncomfortable chair i have ever sat in and i always end up falling asleep in it.. and waking up feeling like i am seventy two. technically i don't know what that feels like.. and all old people are just one age to me.. so i don't know if that is even old. but you know what.. thats what i felt like. walk down stairs.. slowly.. don't forget my body is 72 at this point. get in the shower. with my flip flops on.. sat there wondering why and couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation so i took them off. decided to shower sitting down. some would call this a bath. but the difference is such. bath you are sitting in your own filth. sitting shower the water flows.. and never stays upon your body for too long. haha. shaved my legs.. uhm first i think all summer probably. and don't worry i've been wearing shorts like eeerrryday. diiisgusting. (ps. i hate when people say deeesgusting. it is spelled dis. thank you. come again). my phone plays tricks on me.. it doesn't send messages. for fun! awesome. uhm where was i.. haha get it i could have just looked back at where i was. but i typed it. am i going insane. why yes i am. but i took about a forty minute shower.. got out.. put my flip flops on and went to my room. sat on my bed looking at my closet. deciding whether to put clothes on or just some sweats. obviously i chose sweats. went up the stairs. ate some ham fried rice for dinner. it had eggs in it. sick. i ate it anyways. at this point the reoccurring thought popped in my head that said "annie go to farrs". i ignored. talked with my parents about the act i have tomorrow morning. as i thought to myself. you are a child annie.. and scared the daylights out of myself. haha i'll probably get a ten. maybsss. then i asked if i could go hang out.. while thinking to myself.. i do not want to change. and i was told my curfew was 9:30.. then i complained. and i am stuck home for the night. yayyyyyyy! hence this entirely purposeless post. i am feeling as though i have lost a friend. not any friend.. but a best friend. the lack of speaking is say the least. but maybe change is occurring and if so i will deal with it. hence the facebook status. "people change. not in the jr. high "we can't be friends.. you've changed.." way, but rather people find other priorities and such. as a result.. you should do the the same. there is no reason to wait around for something that will never be the same." sitting here thinking to myself... i have a twenty five dollar itunes card. i should get around to spending. haven't seen the boyfriend in like three days. sucks. we speak of running away to ireland.. or compton. which ever sounds better at the moment. last night i may as well have driven to ireland. it was probably closer than where i did drive to. kidding, but bad nights result in driving until i think im half way out of gas then i have to turn around so i have enough to get back. it was springville last night. then we fight over who loves each other more. i never thought i'd be the cliche' couple.. but im afraid it has happened. "annie go to farrs" "annie your an idiot. now you can't leave the house" a heaping bowl of double fudge brownie ice cream will do for today. but as for tomorrow farrs. someone needs to stop  me. im a maniac. haha i'm going to become some gigantor person. but you know what i will be happy eating my farrs so i don't even care. cheers to the day i am a fatty. hahaha. ohmylanta. i hope one person is witnessing my psychotic behavior right now. i feel so distant to everybody at this point. i feel like i have lost so many close friendships. this summer will be the one to rekindle. after chatting with tori i realized this. haha our chat was actually incredibly entertaining. i learned how to make this piggy devil emoticon haha.. msn status baby. in case your wondering on facebook chat if you do 3:) or maybe its 3(: either way it makes a thing. you know. a face. yes. well time for the wrap up. tonight will bring the thoughts of farrs. snugglin up with mannie. ohhh what would i do without mannie. and watching a movie. not sure yet.. probs a disney. or maybe spy kids. for the millionth time. and the dreams of having a friend that will be my starbucks bud. as much as i dream of farrs.. haha starbucks is love. much love. peace and love. haha that reminds me of bebo days. oh man. i am officially past  insane. laterrr.
and ps. if you are out there. i love you...

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  1. oooooooooh my gosh. hahahahahahahah this has got to be a joke