Friday, June 10, 2011

done and done.

the letter has march twenty-fourth as the headline.
date sent. june tenth.
i do realize that was almost three months ago.
but the letter is in the mailbox.
i repeat.
the letter is in the mailbox.
but what i have not realized is what took this whole putting the letter in the mailbox, so long.
two days ago i was all "im gonna send it" ran downstairs grabbed it from my bottle collection storage i've created. ran upstairs. out the door. open the mailbox. welllp. the mail had already came... haha. but i tried again today. and success.
it'll be a year in about a week.
then one more.
don't get me wrong.. i want to write him.
haha and i got a letter yesterday informing me of my lack of writing him since.
welll. lets say maybe November.
but sometimes its hard.
times have changed.
but letter. you besss be gettin to him likity split.
yes i said it.
likity split.
maybe this is a movement.
mayyybe. i will get around to writing the other two. (the chances are slim.)
but as journey proclaims.
"don't stop believing"
ha. what a joke.
so england,
you've got a letter heading your way.
and you better treat it kindly.
the envelope is purple. and has a picture on the back. like usual.
but until then. feed him crumpits. send him my love. and keep him safe would ya?
and annie,
you say you like writing so much...
so write your friends.
so you don't feel so guilty getting letters informing you of the last time you wrote them.
reallll talk.

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